Diduga Serangan Jantung, Pria di Parang Magetan Ditemukan Meninggal Tertindih Motor

Diduga Serangan Jantung, Pria di Parang Magetan Ditemukan Meninggal Tertindih Motor

Magetan (TintaSantri.com) – A man was found dead on the side of the Parang Sampung Highway, precisely in the Gangsiran Forest area, Mategal Village, Parang, Magetan, East Java, Wednesday (3/8/2022) at 11.50 WIB. The man is Sudarno (48), a resident of Tirip Hamlet, Ngunut Village, Parang District, Magetan.

The death of the man who worked the fields around the Gangsiran Forest was known by road users. They also reported to local residents, then forwarded to the local village apparatus to the local police station.

The police immediately went to the location. From the results of the examination with the Parang Health Center team, there were no signs of violence, the victim’s lips turned blue, presumably due to lack of oxygen, there were no bruises, and it was estimated that she had died 1 hour before being found by road users.

The incident was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations of the Magetan Police, AKP Budi Kuncahyo. After investigating the crime scene (TKP) the police asked for information from the family.

“According to the victim’s family, every day the victim’s activities are farmers working in the fields in the Gangsiran forest. Based on the testimony of the witnesses and the results of the doctor’s examination of the UPTD Parang Health Center, no signs of violence were found. It is suspected that he died of a heart attack,” Budi told TintaSantri.com, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

Budi said that the victim’s family accepted the incident sincerely with a statement signed by the heirs. Also, make an application to the Magetan Police Chief not to carry out an autopsy. The victim’s body was then handed over to the family for burial. (fiq/kun)

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