How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently And Temporarily – TINTA SANTRI – Social media such as Instagram has become one of the platforms that are widely used to share daily activities. Many things can be shared by users like your photo in one, or another.

However, it is not uncommon for Instagram users who do not enjoy social media activities so that they choose to deactivate their accounts either temporarily or permanently.

The reason is, it is not uncommon for netizens to make comments that make Instagram users feel uncomfortable and want to stop using the application.

However, not everyone can delete an account permanently, so their Instagram account can still be seen by other users. This makes the content that you have uploaded can still be commented on by others and becomes your digital footprint.

Therefore, you should permanently delete your Instagram account if you want to stop using Instagram. Below the VOI team has put together the steps you can take.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

To delete an Instagram account, the first step you can do is open the Instagram application on your smartphone, or open it using a browser engine.

Next, visit the Instagram deletion link in Instagram’s “Help Center” or click the following link. To delete an account, the user will be asked to write down the reason for deleting the Instagram account.

After that enter your Instagram account password to confirm that the account really belongs to you, and is not a violation of community guidelines.

In the next section, select the “Delete Username” menu to permanently delete the account. Thus your Instagram account has been deleted and cannot be seen by all Instagram users, including yourself.

Therefore, if you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, you must make sure that it does not harm you and that there is no important data.

Users can also delete Instagram accounts temporarily. To do this, log into your Instagram account, then click on your profile photo, then select the “Settings” menu.

On the Edit Profile page, select the Temporarily disable My Account menu. Then select the reason for deactivating your account on the available menu.

Re-enter your account password, to confirm that the account really belongs to you and does not violate community guidelines.

Next, click Temporarily Disable Account, and your account will be temporarily disabled, until you want to use it again or choose to delete it permanently.

That’s how to delete an Instagram account permanently and temporarily. Users can do the steps above, if they don’t want to use Instagram anymore to maintain your privacy data.