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Long fourth dimension agone , Google proudly announced their novel integrated commenting arrangement which is immediately available for users who convey created a Google+ profile in addition to connected it alongside their Blogspot blogs. This way , Blogger users volition survive able to run Google+ every bit a commenting arrangement for their blogs , piece comments from Google+ volition automatically seem on their blogs.


For those who haven’t withal upgraded the Blogger profile to a Google+ profile , delight run into this tutorial on how to associate a spider web log to a Google summation page. Once y’all convey connected a spider web log to a Google+ profile , you’ll convey a novel “Use Google+ Comments on this blog” setting on the Google+ tab of your blog. To enable the Google summation commenting arrangement , simply cheque the box adjacent to this setting:


As shortly every bit you’ve enabled the characteristic through your Blogger Dashboard , you’ll convey the next features:

  1. Threaded commenting system: the threaded arrangement volition allow a reader to respond to other comments on that post , thence the conversations volition larn much easier , to a greater extent than effective in addition to to a greater extent than enjoyable
  2. Public in addition to mortal comments: this ensures a improve privacy for your visitors which tin brand their comments either populace or private
  3. Edit or delete comments: your visitors volition survive able to edit whatever comments that they wrote fifty-fifty later publishing , so they don’t convey to write roughly other comment explaining the correction
  4. Google Plus One (+1) push inward comments: nosotros tin up-vote whatever comment past times clicking this button. This is a nifty characteristic which could also tending y’all to larn roughly traffic from Google+
  5. “Also portion on Google+” cheque box: alongside this selection which is right below the comment editor , nosotros volition survive able to portion a specific comment on Google+ in addition to thence larn to a greater extent than traffic!

Things to consider earlier adding the Google Plus Comments inward Blogger

  • the Google Plus commenting arrangement won’t piece of occupation for mortal in addition to adult blogs
  • If y’all are using a third-party commenting arrangement similar Disqus , your comments powerfulness non survive retained when y’all enable Google+ Comments
  • If y’all alter domain get upward , comments volition survive gone. Therefore , it would survive highly recommended to implement the Google Plus commenting arrangement solely later you’ve decided to run a custom domain name
  • If y’all direct to allow comments pending moderation , y’all volition convey to see the post inward fellowship to approve , shroud or delete comments earlier they are publicly visible
  • Only registered Google+ users tin comment , this way that visitors who don’t convey a Google+ trouble concern human relationship volition non survive able to comment on your blog

How to Enable Google Plus on Custom Blogger Templates

If y’all are using a custom Blogger template , the comments powerfulness non demonstrate upward later checking the “Use Google+ Comments on this blog” setting. In this representative , nosotros volition need to apply the next fob inward fellowship to enable it on custom templates:

Step 1. From the Blogger Dashboard , decease to “Template” in addition to click on the “Edit HTML” button.

Step 2. Click anywhere within the code expanse in addition to press the Ctrl + F keys to opened upward the Blogger search box , in addition to so type or glue the next draw within the search box in addition to striking Enter to uncovering it:

Step 3. Just below it , glue this code:

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Step 4. That’s it! Click on the “Save template” push to salve the changes in addition to immediately nosotros should survive able to run into the Google Plus comments inward our Blogspot blog.

Happy commenting!


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